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Founder Natalie Smith launched Sisterly Village in 2017 with a simple but unique idea of translating professional attire into a collection that would empower women organizations with effortless unification and style to serve others.  Every year, Sisterly Village will donate seven percent of the campaign proceeds to enhance the financial support of the purchasing organization’s community service mission. 


While obtaining her MBA at Rice University in Houston, Natalie developed the online platform, testing her women’s organization-social retail enterprise concept. 


Members of women’s organizations are quickly becoming fans of the store and love the concept so much that they are spreading the word to their sisters of service.  Sisterly Village will continue to incorporate more women’s organizations and we look forward to supporting their apparel and fundraising needs. 


We Are Committed to Quality Operations

Sisterly Village produces professional garments for women’s organizations that not only meet their standards, but also are affordable, stylish, and provide a donation back to the organization to further support their mission.


We are an approved vendor for each of our client organizations, enabling Sisterly Village to invite members of the organizations to participate and purchase products specifically for their organization. 


Sisterly Village’s business model includes design and production of two collections, Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter, per year.  A unique feature about Sisterly Village is that the customers decide what we produce.  Each campaign has to meet its unit goal, which is displayed on the product page, to move forward to production.  If the campaign is unsuccessful and does not meet its goal, no worries, each participant will receive a full refund. 


We welcome our clients to participate in the design process as well.  If you have any apparel design ideas that you would like to see produced, submit them to within the following timelines:

       - Spring/Summer Idea Deadline:   August 10th (annually)

       - Fall/Winter Idea Deadline:   March 10th (annually)


Does your organization have a unique design idea that you want Sisterly Village to produce for a major event?  For example, your sorority would like to have Sisterly Village supply the attire for the National Conference hosting committee.  We are certainly excited and capable of supporting these requests.  Upon a consultation and confirmation of the order details, Sisterly Village can definitely support the production of these types of orders.


We Give Back to Our Clients

Sisterly Village has a genuine desire to support women's organizations to further their purpose.  At the end of every year, Sisterly Village will donate seven percent of the total campaign proceeds to each organization's headquarters to enhance the financial support of the purchasing organization’s community service mission. 


The objective of giving back is to encourage women’s organizations to wisely select companies that not only support their fashionable desires, but also support their purpose and missions financially. Sisterly Village is committed to always helping women’s organizations implement their missions and purposes to enhance communities across the world.


Corporate Responsibility

At Sisterly Village, we believe our business efforts help change the world a little bit every day.  Founded in 2017, we understand it is imperative for our company to operate responsibly and know that you want to buy from a company that works hard to integrate sustainable and responsible practices into all that they do.  We ensure to maintain all necessary licenses to uphold the standards our clients live up to.  Our efforts are focused on making sure that we operate in a manner that’s consistent with our brand values. Through the life of the company, Sisterly Village will continue to travel this path and communicate our stories as we embark this journey together.


Corporate Responsibility at Sisterly Village focuses on the social and environmental impacts of our products, operations, responsible giving, and employee life.  Our accomplishments are made every day by the support of our client’s purchases as we donate 7% of the proceeds from every campaign to support a cause that is near and dear to that organization.